Board – what is it?

Board is a new cafe-bar-shop serving only non-alcoholic drinks, morning to night. Weekly events will include quiz, bingo, comedy, bands and djs. Serving the best in n/a Guinness, Carlsberg, various craft beers, craft cocktails, tea, coffee, kombucha, kefir, you name it. Same vibe as a bar, just low-no alcohol in any drink. We know there’s plenty of people who will scoff or mock [ isn’t that just a cafe….] but whether you are giving up the booze for good or fancy a night out without it, and want to try all the new n/a drinks that are out there [ there’s loads ! ] , why not give it a go? 

Bored? Give Board a n/a shot

Board Shop 

100+ board games

Games Swag 

Focus on Chess in particular 

Still dog friendly , particularly those that loves board games, and wanna stay off the booze for a while

Board opening times 

Board opens for coffee, tea and breakfast every day from 8am . Breakfast-Brunch+Lunch is 8am-3pm, and Pizza/Dinner is 5-10pm for last food orders , every day, 7 days a week


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