Board is a new cafe-bar-shop-event space serving only non-alcoholic drinks, morning to night. Serving the best in n/a Guinness, Carlsberg, Heineken, various craft beers, craft cocktails, tea, coffee, kombucha, kefir, you name it, we’ll try stock it. Coffee served all day every day until late.

We’ve 200+ different games, and adding more by the week. Games are free to use when you’re in, and some you can buy and bring home with you.

Food wise, we’re lunch and brunch until 2pm, and from 4pm its pizza, salads, sides and desserts.

Weekly events will include quiz, bingo, comedy, bands and djs.

If you’re interested in running an event, party or meetup with us, get in touch ! info@boarddublin.com

What are the opening hours?

We open from 11am daily , Monday to Sunday 

Where are you located?

29 Clanbrassil Street Upper, Dublin 8  Eircode : D08 E1X9

Can i bring my own booze with me?

No. We’re a no alcohol space and we ask you respect that rule for everyone else !

Do you serve low-alcohol products?

No. While some products are labelled 0.5% , all our drinks are between 0-.5%. 

I’m allergic to alcohol , what have you got?

Some n/a products have, or may have traces of alcohol in them. If you have allergy issues, its best to order products with zero traceability to alcohol.

Can i bring my dog?

Yes! dogs are welcome, just not booze hounds.

Can i bring my kids?

Yes! kids are welcome

What time do you serve coffee until?

We serve coffee until we close at night, so all day, every day. and night.

How do board games work?

You can use any game we have for free in our place, just pick from the shelves. There’s an area there for spare parts, and you return the game at the end to the same place.

Can i buy a game?

Sure, to buy just ask our crew. Prices vary.

Are you doing events?

We sure are, we will operate as a regular bar doing music, games events, comedy, meetups and the rest, just without the alcohol ! Check out our ‘whats on’ page for all the latest news, or join our mailing list.

Can i book or rent Board for gigs, parties, work dos or celebrations?

Absolutely our upstairs area can be booked exclusively and on the odd occasion so can the entire building if you wish, email us for information info@boarddublin.com

What’s the Tech Spec?

We’ve a small stage upstairs, suitable for 1-2 performers, MCs, DJ, host . We’ve 4 speakers and amp, and our DJ set is subject to needs and requirements, we can do a variety of things. Mics can be supplied, but all backline and engineers need to be arranged externally. Projector and plasmas screens are available too.