Hapbee Hour

Board partners with Hapbee to bring you a new non-alc experience on it’s first worldwide trial. Become your own mood mixologist and choose how you feel with Hapbee

Your invite includes The Hapbee experience & 2 x Alcohol Free cocktails on arrival – spaces are super limited to 50 people so please only book in if you can make it

Join us for an exclusive non-alcoholic drink experience event where we’ll introduce your to a revolutionary way to elevate your mood naturally. Just like our handcrafted drinks, Hapbee’s innovative digital solution will offer you the opportunity to unlock your potential without any negative side effects.

Hapbee is a wearable, digital, non-chemical, and non-ingested alternative that allows you to optimize sleep, mood, and performance. By utilizing cutting-edge bio-streaming technology, Hapbee is able to digitally mimic the effects of specific compounds, enabling you to choose how you feel without any undesirable side effects. With Hapbee, users have full control over when the effects begin and how long they last. Simply choose a mood, pick your desired strength, press play, and get Hapbee 😉

Indulge in a pairing of specially crafted beverages and moods designed to enhance your evening. With this incredible cutting-edge mood enhancement wearable device, you can take control of your well-being like never before.

Elevate your mood. Whether you need focus, energy, or calm, it’s all just a click away – safe, risk-free, and completely on your terms. Take control and choose how you feel! Get Hapbee!

With Hapbee, there’s no need for compromises – just the promise of a better, safer way to elevate your mood and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

All the details

  • 📅 Saturday May 11th from 9pm – 11pm
  • 📍 Board, Clanbrassil Street
  • 🎟️ If successful, your invite will be for you and a friend
  • 🍸 Your invite will include 2 free cocktails & The Hapbee experience for 2 hours